High Jump 2018 en

Ocún High Jump takes place at 35th IFMF Teplice nad Metují. Take a break in between the movies, lectures and shopping to stretch yourselves with the help of our boulder wall and try how well you master the art of flying between the holds! We will gladly lend you climbing shoes and chalk. 


Ocún High Jump takes place at a small boulder wall which can be found at Ocún Boulder Park in the Festival area. The first 50 registered competitors (use the form bellow) will get Ocún high Jump 2018 T-shirt.


Qualifications: Come and try how far you can jump, we wait for you on Friday (all day) and on Saturday till 11 a.m.

Finals: SATURDAY 4 to 5.30 p.m.

Competition rules:
During the qualification round there will be a line of holds placed in a gradual distance from the starting jugs. Competitors´ goal is to jump and grab the holds placed as far as possible. They will have unlimited number of attempts. The distance necessary for advancing to the finals will be specified on Friday.

The final round will take place in two categories (men and women). There will be only the starting jugs and two finish holds on the wall, which we will be moving further – at the beginning the distance will be growing by 10 cm with each round, later it will be growing by 5 cm only.  Each competitor gets 3 attempts for each distance. The one who jumps the farthest will win.


1. place – Ocún climbing shoes according to your own choice
2. place – EGO sport climbing harness
3. place – Crack Gloves