Personal Tuning: Design your own shoe!

The purpose of Personal Tuning is to give you a chance to individualize your own climbing shoes - to change their stiffness, modify the tension of heel rand, change the colors! Ocún is offering climbers the opportunity to participate at the process of designing their own shoes as the first company in the world.

We´re working on a new website that will make you understand much better the whole process of developing and manufactoring the climbing shoes. We will explain there which technical parameters of the shoes affect which of their characteristics, we will also give you a chance to affect them on your own shoes and let you test your very own product.

In the pilot version of Personal Tuning you´ll be choosing from predefined parameters and you´ll be allowed to combine them according to your wish. As we see it, Personal Tuning is a great opportunity to understand the climbing shoes design and to realize what works the best for you.