Jett cleverly combines high performance with comfort. We‘ve developed a completely new last for Jett and then added our stickiest sole. The high rubber rand and stiff midsole guarantee that you can rely on the Jett on small ledges, even when making technically demanding moves. The Jett has a breatheable tongue, seamless heel and soft leather insole so you can climb comfortably all day.

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Unique construction of the toe area offers uncomparable stability
New design of heel for the most reliable heel hooking
Asymmetrix last 
Slightly down-turned last with very asymmetric shape with big-toe orientation. Front is anatomically modeled for more stressed toes. Width of last is for normal to wide foot with anatomical medium heel. Last was constructed for peak performance in overhanging routes.
3D midsole 
Radically concave shape for support of pressed toes.

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We´re happy to support devoted climbers who do their best to keep pushing their personal limits and sometimes succeed to achieve something remarkable in the world scale. Success is great, but one thing means even more to us. And that is passion! Because of this we support those who are clearly in love with climbing and whose lives are all tilted into vertical perspective. Those who think vertical. So who´s in the team? See the whole list of our athletes and read their answers to a set of crucial questions about life and climbing.



We are proud to become sponsors of Slovenian rock star Jernej Kruder. Read what Jernej told us about his climbing and competitive plans and about his approach to the sport.


Recall VF Torq 2 BATCH NR. 800940

Based on the independent product test, made by ILNAS in Luxembourg, and published safety alert number A12/0398/19 by European Commission on February 22 2019. RP Climbing s.r.o. (the producer and owner of the trademark OCÚN) is voluntarily issuing a recall of Via ferrata set Torq 2, Article number 03983. The recall concerns the products made between April 25 and May 30, 2018. Marked by batch number 800940 only.



Ocún Test Tour is in full swing. Check out dates and places and pay a visit. We will recommend you the most suitable climbing shoes to fit your feet, experience and climbing style. You can test them and eventually win a pair.